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Get expert tax preparation services in McArthur, Ohio, and surrounding areas, including Logan, Chillicothe, Athens, and Jackson. Contact Cotner & Company.

Cotner & Company Tax Preparation Services
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Cotner & Company offers a small-town feel and high-quality services. Our staff is professional, accurate, and reliable. We provide expert tax preparation services, tax consulting, and estate tax planning.

Tax Preparation

We help prepare and file general tax forms and assist clients to comply with both state and federal tax codes to minimize tax burdens.

Tax Consulting

We are professional tax consultants who specialize in financial-related counseling and tax laws. Our tax service professionals have the education and experience to help with business and personal needs.

Tax Planning for Retirement and Estates

Let us help you plan for your retirement years and beyond.

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Contact us today for help with your taxes.

Cotner & Company Tax Preparation Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Does QuickBooks help with time extensions on tax returns?

Yes. QuickBooks not only can help you learn how to complete your tax return on time but also helps you get an extension if needed.

Does QuickBooks help self-employed individuals file income taxes?

Yes. Whether this is your first time filing for self-employed taxes or you have already filed.

Can I get help with tax prep from QuickBooks?

Yes. QuickBooks helps you file your taxes and helps to record and track due dates and your tax payments all in one place.

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Cotner & Company Tax Preparation Services

About Cotner & Company

Cotner & Company is based in Southeastern Ohio, but we cover other locations throughout the U.S. as well. We are committed to providing our clients with services of the highest quality.


Our high standards, specialized staff, and great service are what sets us apart from the rest.


Rely on us for fast, accurate, expert advice.


We are known for the quality service we provide.

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We provide expert tax preparation services in Ohio and throughout the United States.

Cotner & Company Tax Preparation Services

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